Enterprise E-commerce Trends to watch in 2019

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There is great news coming for the e-commerce industry in 2019. Thrilling and ever-growing new markets such as Southwest Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America are set to kick off, and modern technologies might lead to massive changes in the way business market their products online. Here are some of the e-commerce trends that small business enterprises should be watching out for in 2019.

  • Client experience and personalization

Bear in mind that transformation in the consumer experience is not for leading platforms only. The trend of personalization will be vital to getting and retaining clients in the future. Companies that will be able to deal with transformation on consumer experience will win the hearts and minds of many clients. Due to the current data overload, customers don’t want to spend a lot of time with irrelevant data. Providing customized products, service and data will assist small business enterprise to stand out in the numerous online businesses and have returning clients for more.

  • Omni platform and gadget

Currently, more than 2 billion people use their smartphone and tablets to do online shopping on a daily basis. Even though not all online shoppers use their devices to make purchases, over 90% of internet users search for local data using their phones before contacting or visiting the store. This means that you must integrate your platform with this device.

  • M-commerce

Smartphones are tablets are becoming essential online shopping tools since the devices have high e-commerce traffic and more people are purchasing their products using mobile devices. Some companies are even making it easy with the introduction of mobile payment technology that makes mobile check out the most preferred mode of payment many consumers. Recent research indicates that clients you buy goods using their phones will spend two times as much as those who don’t use these devices.

  • Virtual Sales Forces are Highly Employed

Previously, online sales team used to sit around and wait for a client to send a query and this always happened after the purchase has been made, or to ask about product specification before purchasing. A massive change is coming to the e-commerce business because many firms are starting to treat their workers the same way they would do to brick and mortar sale persons. Rather than waiting for a client to purchase, the e-commerce websites are utilizing popups, chat modules and other tools that help sales team to convince clients to buy before they decide.

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