Shopify Plus vs Magento: The Real Pros and Cons Revealed

Shopify Plus vs Magento

How can you make the right choice when deciding between Shopify Plus vs Magento? Make a decision based on the real pros and cons!


The ultimate battle Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise requires some analyzing and comparing and we understand you completely if you have troubles deciding which ecommerce solution is better for you and your online store. Wondering how can you make the right choice when deciding between Shopify Plus vs Magento?

In this article, we will reveal the real pros and cons so you can make a final choice.

If you need flexibility, have complex requirements, and you like having access and control to the code base, the ecommerce platform Magento can be a great choice. However, if you are on a limited budget and you don’t have web development skills, Magento may not be a great fit.

We recommend Shopify Plus to any store and seller doing at least 500k a month and doesn’t do subscription products. The high volume sellers who run complex subscriptions may choose an ecommerce solution that doesn’t rely on third-party subscription applications. The stores doing under 500k are better with one of Shopify’s other plans rather than Shopify Plus.

Search or Internal Referencing is super easy within Magento. Quick and accurately researching is simple and intuitive. Magento’s product, category, and customer information structure is simple and accessible. The option to assign specific permissions by role and create specific access for different accountabilities allows for better internal security.

Ecommerce solution Shopify scales incredibly well. You can forget about load balancing, hardware concerns, downtime, and focus on running your business. You can see merchants going from a few thousand dollars/month to million dollars in just a few days. With Shopify Plus, you don’t have to worry about scaling systems and performance.

There is a solid API to build on, a few quirks for complex use cases, but overall it works well and it is well documented. There are great new features that are constantly being added. Most managers (especially the Merchant Success Managers) are good and want to be helpful. You can expect an incredible user interface, easy to use, and very logical. There are tons and tons of new and out of the box integrations.

When it comes to cons, generic problems can be expected when using Magento. Bulk upload, for example, is a huge problem and we recommend to integrate Magento with Magmi which is a powerful add-on.

There are some aspects of ecommerce solution Shopify Plus, including widgets and pre-built reporting features that are built for small businesses. Also, the POS (Point of Sale) system is not an enterprise level.

Are you ready to make the final decision?

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