Why do you want to sell with eBay on Shopify?

E-commerce in the United States has today reached levels where even the global market penetration is at its maximum. That is why you find that online stores want to do more than market their products on social media. Thanks to the partnership between Shopify and eBay, you can now sell with eBay directly from your Shopify account as a selling avenue.

What are the benefits?

eBay has over 170 million users who are loyal to the platform. When you allow the products you have listed on Shopify to be listed on eBay, you will be having an additional customer reach of more than 170 million people. According to research, more people who shop online prefer convenience over price and don’t mind spending a little more to get what he want how they want.

The most challenging part of selling online is finding the right audience to market to. Remember that while so many people say that social media marketing is enough, not everyone on Facebook is looking for something to buy. For you to get customers such a place, you will need to make sure that you focus heavily on your online marketing. On eBay, however, people using the platform are there to buy and sell items. That means you don’t have to struggle with marketing your product. You only need to ensure that your pricing is fair.

One would think that selling on eBay through Shopify means that they are now managing two online stores simultaneously. What happens is, once you install the eBay app in your management system, whenever you upload a new product for sale, or you take it down after being sold, the same reflects on eBay without you doing it manually. Remember that eBay at this point is just a sales channel and not another administration dashboard.

Another reason why you will want to sell via eBay using Shopify is that many people trust market places than social media. That is because market places like eBay are reputable for enabling buyers to access the products they seek regardless of where the seller is located. Some people avoid shopping through following the adverts on social media because people get conned all the time. Also, it is not easy to find someone who sells precisely what you want.


Part of selling products online involves a strategic online marketing plan. That will include things like SEO, which takes longer for new online shops to build. However, when you get your items listed on eBay, you will enjoy getting more traffic and improve your SEO by taking advantage of their excellent ranking. That is because some search results from web search engines are linked directly to products listed on eBay. If you have listed a favourite item on eBay, your traffic will shoot.

Shopify allows eBay to access your inventory so that once a product has been sold on either platform, it cannot be re-sold. Meaning that once you link your store to eBay, your sales operations can continue as normal. It should also be known that additional charges may apply.

The disadvantages

While selling on eBay comes with all the benefits of finding you buyers fast, you should know that they charge per listing. That means, if you add a new product on your Shopify account and you want it to be listed and made visible on eBay, you will have to pay. You will, therefore, want to choose a subscription that will fit your budget.

Shopify and eBay are used globally; hence, sellers here normally target the global market or at least a portion of it. However, this feature is currently only available in the United States. According to Shopify, the service is still being enhanced so that it can be made available to the rest of the world.

Things to consider before partnering with eBay

Before deciding to have your products listed on eBay, you will want to find out if you truly need the service. Know that some online shops are doing remarkably well yet they don’t have their items listed on eBay. Therefore, you will want to check if your target market is available on eBay and if your products will move faster.

Since you will be paying for the service, it will be disappointing if you don’t get the intended results because of selling the right product in the wrong market. You will also want to consider you’re pricing if you’re going to attract more buyers on eBay. Since finding people selling a similar product is easy on eBay, the war is on pricing.

You can end up listing your commodities on eBay with your price then end up selling nothing because you were more expensive than the rest of the sellers. If you cannot regulate your rate, then listing on eBay may not be a good idea. However, you should not forget that there are different kinds of online shoppers while some prefer more affordable items. Others don’t mind paying extra to solve their problem.

It is good to know that other than eBay, there are other sales channels that you cause with Shopify. You need to conduct an exclusive comparison to ensure that you choose the perfect sales avenue for your website. The most important reason why you want an excellent sales channel is that you are looking to build a loyal following that will depend on you. Some companies have managed to get this using other sales channels other than Shopify.


While selling on eBay sounds like a good deal, it is good to know that it might be right. Although many [people will stick to the downside of selling via eBay to be expensive, considering how much you can make from the platform, it is worth it. With millions of listings already, it can only mean that sellers here have found a sure market for their products. Also, know that Shopify allows you to use more than one sales channel with your online store.

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